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How to Plan Your COVID-19 Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. When you imagined planning your big day, no one could have predicted that a worldwide pandemic would be something to think about while planning. But we’re here to tell you that being a COVID-19 bride does NOT have to feel stressful or frustrating, regardless of the situation in the world right now. We’ve helped many brides throughout this season escape that COVID-19 wedding funk. Your dream wedding is absolutely possible, just have faith and be open to a little creativity, we promise you will have unforgettable celebration.

COVID-19 Wedding

Our team at Amy Katz Events has been working tirelessly, day and night, to make sure that our COVID brides are still able to have the wedding day they’ve always dreamed of and more! It is possible, and we are here to make sure that your wedding is filled with only joyful experiences and memories as we help navigate planning a wedding during COVID-19.

We want to share some inspiration with you in the form of a real COVID-19 wedding!

This summer we helped one special couple plan the most magical and romantic garden wedding celebration imaginable. They hosted 150 guests and worked with our Amy Katz Events team to plan the entire wedding in just seven weeks.

Here’s how we did it…

Finding the Perfect Venue for a COVID Wedding

One of the first steps in wedding planning is always searching for that perfect venue, and COVID-19 surely makes that step a bit more complicated. The state-by-state guidelines for gatherings are ever-changing and it’s super important to ask venues if their capacity listed online is still accurate, or if it has been altered to abide to local restrictions.

Each venue we considered received a direct personal phone call from our team to discuss whether they could accommodate 150-guests safely. It was no easy feat but is so important since you never know what has changed – some venues are even closed for the foreseeable future.

We searched the entire tri-state area to find them a gorgeous outdoor garden venue. Park Château Estate & Gardens in East Brunswick, New Jersey was the winner! It was important to them that the wedding remain outdoors due to the current situation, and they fell in love with this elegant, verdant venue that transported you to another world with 15-acres of opulent green space just an hour outside the city.

Ultimately, Park Château Estate & Gardens was able to work with us seamlessly to execute the extensive logistics required for an outdoor wedding from rain plans to power and sound – it all went off without a hitch thanks to the incredible venue team and A-team of vendors we worked with. Our bride and groom got everything they dreamed of and more!

Pro Tip: When you’re searching for a venue for your COVID-19 wedding, extend your search radius, you’ll have more luck finding the perfect spot for you.

Putting COVID-19 Event Safety Precautions First

For the big day, and any COVID wedding where friends and family are gathering, safety is of the utmost importance. There are so many simple alterations or additions you can make to ensure a safe event – this is what we were able to do to maintain safety for all throughout the wedding.

Rapid COVID-19 Testing Station

The addition of a COVID-19 testing station may be the new normal for weddings for a while. We hired a private company to administer rapid tests on-site for wedding guests and all vendors so only those who tested negative would be allowed entry. Calling doctors was a new thing for us as wedding planners – but there’s no task we can’t handle! The test was quick and easy with results in less than 15-minutes. Once the guest received their negative results, they received a green card to show at security to enter the event. Security was strategically positioned at every entrance for the duration of the wedding to check green cards.

Now as the testing took some time, we did have to prepare for early arrivals. We made sure there were fully stocked, socially distant beverage stations and umbrella shaded tables for guests to relax independently as they awaited their results.

Personal Protective Equipment for Guests

We had a little fun with the PPE for guests! As wedding favors, we offered hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves with an adorable, personalized touch. Each item was adorned with an elegant monogram with the couple’s initials and the wedding date, placed in glass bowls at the entrance of the ceremony site so guests could easily grab them as they arrived post-COVID test. In addition to the PPE, we offered fans, parasols and had sunscreen and bug spray available to ensure guests were comfortable throughout the outdoor celebration.

Socially Distanced Seating

The seating chart and floorplan was based upon who was attending per household to allow for proper social distancing. Each table seated between two and eight guests in gorgeous natural wood garden chairs. Centerpieces sat atop luxurious custom linens, featuring gorgeous peach and pink blooms that were perfectly accented by the deep pink florals and rich greenery throughout the garden – a picture-perfect summer setting!

Creative Catering Setup

COVID-19 didn’t get in the way of the incredible Kosher cuisine provided by Foremost Caterers! Cocktail hour offered a variety of stations that were protected by neutral Lucite barriers and chef-manned for ultimate guest safety. We also ensured ultimate freshness and quality with umbrellas shading areas like the sushi station.

Now, these are just some of the things you can add to make your COVID-19 wedding safe, yet fun for all. We work with each couple to decide what additions they want and need on their wedding day to celebrate comfortably.

The Wedding Must Go On!

While COVID-19 may have put a damper on your wedding day, the wedding must go on! It’s totally understandable that you may be frustrated or upset that your original vision may not be your reality – we get it. But our team strives to work with each and every COVID bride to manifest the new wedding of their dreams, with a safe celebration of love and fond memories that will last a lifetime.

If you want to get married during COVID-19, whether it be due to religious traditions or you’ve just been waiting years to finally tie the knot with your sweetheart – you can! Whatever decision you make is the right one and know that if you choose to move forward with your planning that a COVID wedding is possible! Vendors across the globe are finding unique and creative ways to ensure safety, while maintaining as much normalcy as possible.

Are you ready to plan your COVID wedding? Our team is excited to help, get in touch and let’s chat!

Venue - Park Château Estate & Gardens | Florist - Birch Event Designs | Band - Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra & Productions | Photographer/Videographer - Brett Matthews Gallery | Tent - ABC Fabulous | Caterer - Foremost Caterers | Hair and Makeup - Claudia Pedala | Stylist - Stacie Houlker | Mixologist - Momentum Mixology | Security - J & R Security

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Oct 23, 2020

Wow! I just got engaged and this article was really helpful! Can't wait to hear more from you and your team!! Also, the pictures are stunning!

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