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Why Working with a Luxury Wedding Planner is Worth Its Weight in Gold

You've just gotten engaged - Congratulations! You've popped the champagne, posted the obligatory snaps of your gorgeous ring on social media, and called your loved ones to break the happy news.

Fast forward a month or so, and you may have sat down with your partner to start planning your big day...only to find there's way more to organize than you ever imagined.

The prospect of planning your dream day may feel like you're taking on another full-time job, and there's a good reason for that. In terms of working hours, it practically is. In fact, the average luxury wedding takes anywhere between 200-300 hours of planning!

Daunting right?

This probably comes as no surprise if you're in the first phases of wedding planning. The sheer number of to-do lists alone can be enough to overwhelm the most organized of brides.

From establishing your wedding budget, researching vendors, narrowing down your options, and (hopefully!) picking the right one...there's a lot of work to be done.

Don't even get us started on the big day itself. From coordinating vendor logistics to worrying about looking perfect, the day is overwhelming to wrap your head around!.

The solution: A professional wedding planner

In this blog post, we're delving into why hiring the right wedding planner is worth its weight in gold. There's lots to cover, so let's dive straight in!

Their Experience is Invaluable

Investing in an experienced and knowledgeable wedding planner who specializes in luxury weddings will pay dividends. The stress and time they will save you alone makes the expense worth it. Not to mention, their years of experience managing wedding budgets allow you to rest easy. As you will quickly learn, every dollar put towards your wedding is well spent and carefully delegated to bring your vision to life.

Not only that, but top-of-the-line wedding planners are renowned for their incredible industry connections. They will know exactly which venues and vendors to recommend based on your wedding dreams and budget.

A Comprehensive Approach to Wedding Planning

If you are after a wedding planner to help with every aspect of your wedding, you will need a full wedding planning service, which we offer here at AKE. It doesn't matter whether you're time-poor, planning a destination wedding, or simply do not fancy the mammoth task of organizing such a huge event - a full wedding planning service is a godsend.

With a full wedding planning service, your wedding planner is with you from day one and is by your side until the end. We are not just talking about the bigger, more obvious tasks like booking a venue or sourcing a florist. Instead, they will be able to help you with the nitty-gritty aspects of wedding planning like:

  • Creating and delegating your wedding budget

  • Drawing up your guest list

  • RSVP coordination

  • Securing band or DJ, photographer, videographer and seamstress

  • Sourcing everything from hair and makeup options to hotels and transportation for you and guests

  • Booking appointments and being there with you to direct you properly on final decisions and what is and is not needed

  • Hiring your officiant, rabbi, priest or minister

  • Scheduling wedding dress consultations and fittings

These are just a few examples of the kinds of tedious tasks your wedding planner will assist with. If you are after a comprehensive wedding planning approach, a luxury wedding planner is essential. They will guide you through every step, raking a fine-tooth comb through your big day to ensure every little thing is considered and taken care of.

Transform Your Dream Day Into a Reality

The first step in the planning process is for those involved to have a conversation with the planner to discuss your vision of your big day.

Once everyone is on the same page, your wedding planner will start researching on your behalf. By research, we mean sourcing vendors and quotes in-line with your budget, wedding theme, style, and personal taste.

This is where you will thank the lucky stars you hired a wedding planner. From your invitation designer to your photographer to your preferred music and everything in between, your wedding planner is the primary contact throughout the wedding planning journey.

Once your wedding planner has compiled vendors and quotes that they think are the correct fit for you, you will have an easy list to review and choose from. Then you will interview vendors and make final choices and your planner will start contracting everyone you have selected for your big day. This gives you the best of both worlds. You still will have full control over your wedding. Without having to waste precious time and energy picking up the phone, writing a single email, or handling the incessant back and forth that comes with negotiating with wedding vendors.

Remember how we said that it takes, on average 200-300 hours, to plan a luxury wedding? Experts estimate you can cut this down by well over half with a professional wedding planner/fairy godmother to hold your hand every step of the way!

Ensure Your Wedding Runs Like Clockwork

You will also be relieved to hear that your wedding planner handles the logistics of your big day. They will create a thorough timeline detailing exactly how the day will run from start to finish. Timing will be outlined for everything, from the time the bride needs to begin getting ready, right through to when you and your partner dance to the final song and live happily ever after.

Everything is accounted for and timed to perfection, so you, your partner, families, and bridal party, can relax and allow your wedding to unfold as it should- without a hitch.

Day-of Coordination

Your wedding planner has created a seamless timeline (with buffers for any mishaps!) that they will follow to ensure everything happens and gets checked off. With this in hand, they will instruct their team and your vendors regarding when and how they need to set up and pull off your wedding as you have planned and dreamed it to be. This is all while they ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time, so your wedding flows like clockwork.

Your planner also handles the smaller tasks on the day. Although little, these still have a massive impact. For instance, ensuring guests receive a warm welcome and know where to go. Signaling for your ceremony music to begin, notifying parents and bridal party before their toasts, and even helping you change into sneakers to comfortably dance the night away! Any questions, concerns, or day-of emergencies become your wedding planner’s responsibility, so you can just relax and enjoy your special day. Sound good?

Ready to Hire an Exceptional Wedding Planner?

As it's clear to see, investing in an expert to plan, organize and execute your wedding day relieves all the pressure and responsibility that comes with transforming your dream wedding into a reality.

It's safe to say that hiring a luxury wedding planner is worth its weight in gold. From saving you time to ensuring each detail is catered to, double-checking you make the most out of your wedding budget - your wedding planner has you covered.

Are you ready to get started planning and see what we can do for you? If so, please feel free to reach out to our friendly team at Amy Katz Events. As we like to say, "Let us handle your stress, so you can enjoy the party!" Speak soon!

Cover Photo Photographer: Brett Matthews Studio | Dress Designer: Marchesa



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